This looks like a universe of giddy fun.

The trouble with track-day cars like the BAC Mono is that you can’t enjoy them year-round. But then you come across people like BAC co-founders Neill and Ian Briggs, who see absolutely no reason why their open-cockpit supercar shouldn’t be scandalously drifted around a frozen Swedish lake in the dead of winter. To prove their point, the brothers phoned up a short list of BAC clients and enthusiasts, nabbed a few sets of studded winter tires, loaded up three Monos, and cleared a track near the Swedish town of Åre – a place better known for ski resorts.

The result was the inaugural Mono Ice Drive Experience, and to be honest, we’re extremely jealous of those who were there. Blasting the Mono around a track is plenty exciting, but come on – who doesn’t want perpetual opposite-lock antics while throwing 50-foot ice rooster tails? Sure it looks cold, but that’s what jackets and gloves are for.


BAC Mono Ice Driving Experience


“The first Mono Experience trip was an overwhelming success,” said Neill Briggs in a press release on the event. “Our clients are considered our friends, and we are so happy that they became part of a very exclusive club of Mono drivers to have hit the ice.”

Attendees weren’t simply given heated underwear and set loose on the lake. Aside from the sheer fun factor, the event was designed to give a proper Mono driving experience while also offering some guidance on car control. Drivers of all skill levels were there, and according to BAC, all of them left “drifting like pros.” Considering the BAC Mono weighs 1,300 pounds and sends 305 horsepower to the rear wheels, gaining some measure of sideways mastery is pretty much do-or-die on ice.

BAC is planning another “lifestyle” event in May, sending clients and enthusiasts to the Isle of Man. We shall eagerly await our invitation to attend. We are getting an invitation, right?

Source: BAC



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