The Facebook founder got a taste of what it's like in a Nascar stock car.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is traveling to each of the 50 states in an effort to learn more about different communities. In this week’s Facebook live, Zuckerberg gets a firsthand look at what it’s like riding shotgun in a real Nascar stock car.

With a bit of help from Nascar legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the heart of Nascar country, Charlotte, North Carolina, the billionaire CEO put on his helmet on and strapped into the passenger seat of Earnhardt's number 88 Chevrolet. The results are mostly hilarious for those watching – and mostly terrifying for Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg Nascar

After a brief intro, the actual in-car footage starts at about the 11-minute mark. Zuckerberg tries to keep his cool, prefacing it by saying, "we’re gonna start slow and ease our way into it here." But almost immediately, he lets out a "holy shit!" as the car takes off from pit lane. 

The next few minutes show Zuckerberg with an ear-to-ear grin – even though he says he was "terrified" –  while Earnhardt Jr. blasts around Charlotte raceway giving the Facebook CEO a true Nascar experience. After a few confidence-building laps, Zuckerberg thinks he has what it takes to take the car around the track himself... while still being coached by Dale Jr., of course.

But this isn't Zuckerberg's first run-in with speed. The Facebook CEO reportedly put down a deposit for a Pagani Huayra when it was introduced back in 2014. If true, it's definitely an upgrade from his old GTI. 

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