Toyota Australia has built a new concept car to show off their plans for the Toyota Camry Hybrid, due there sometime next year.

Toyota Australia has released information on a new concept car in advance of its 2009 Melbourne International Motor Show debut. The Toyota HC-CV, is a sign of the near future when Toyota's down under facilities will begin production of a new Camry hybrid car.

Toyota announced that the production version of the concept will likely have a four-cylinder petrol engine paired up with a large electric motor, making it a full-hybrid vehicle. Design-wise, the production model will also share many details with the new HC-CV.

"The hybrid Camry - which will share some key design features with the HC-CV - will play a key role in bringing the future to the Australian automotive manufacturing sector," said Toyota Australia President Max Yasuda. "It is a future that uses less fuel while delivering better performance."

Also designed in Oz, the HC-CV is noticeable almost immediately by its vertical fog lights, headlights with a blueish hue, and its small-but-bold upper grille. Toyota logos have a blue background, and the rear LED lamps also have a blue tone. Some of the lights' lenses have a waterfall graphic on them as well.

HC-CV is our expression of the contemporary hybrid sedan," said Paul Beranger, manager of Toyota Style Australia. In keeping with that, they wanted to build a concept that had expressive lines that also represented an aerodynamic body. He claims the lower grille is assembled in a random pattern, to look as though it were "inspired by forms found in nature."

That same randomness is used on the interior seats, where metallic blue highlights were laid out in an asymmetric pattern. This is meant to look like tree bark, to keep the one-with-nature motif.

This concept car will be Toyota's major presentation at the Melbourne International Motor Show this year. President Yasuda said, "The startling paintwork, dramatic lines and sporty appearance of this concept car convey the excitement and passion in our company to produce Australia's first hybrid car."

You can see the Toyota HC-CV in Melbourne beginning later this week. The production model Toyota Camry Hybrid is due out within a year's time.

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