Four minutes of video showing some of the worst female drivers in the world. Truly hilarious.

Thanks to the website of London newspaper The Sun we bring you roughly four minutes of some hilarious attempts at driving by the fairer sex. Now, before you misandrists start typing a letter of hatred to WCF, keep in mind all these videos are real.

Well, maybe the last one is staged. You'll see what we mean.

Granted, male drivers have had their share of problems behind the wheel. However, the last time I saw a guy drive through a parking gate, it was in a movie. There is no denying that it indeed took one woman over four minutes to get her car parked in a spot. And maybe it was a coincidence that a female driver nearly killed a mechanic while pulling in for an oil change.

Likewise, anybody could collide with a parking barrier as it rises from the ground. So ladies, try to see the funny side of this video.

We certainly do.