Some will be new generations of existing nameplates, while others will be additions to the range.

Mercedes-AMG and BMW M beware as Audi’s go-faster division has set its sights on refreshing its portfolio of high-performance cars by the end of 2018. In an interview with CarAdvice at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, the man in charge of Audi Sport, Stefan Winkelmann, revealed a multitude of new RS cars are going to be launched by late next year.

Doing so will allow Audi Sport to become a “real brand” and a “global player” by being able to offer a wide variety of RS-badged products to better cater the needs of customers from all over the world. Winkelmann did not reveal the identities of these new cars, but he did say the already revealed RS3 Sedan and the RS5 Coupe are part of an agenda that includes a total of eight cars. That means six new RS models will be launched by late 2018 and it’s not that hard to figure most of them out.

Audi RS4 Avant Spy Pics
Audi RS4 Avant Spy Pics

In the months to come, the RS4 Avant (pictured above) is going to be introduced and it will be joined by an RS5 Convertible and also by the first-ever RS5 Sportback. With Audi already announcing plans to bolster its RS Q portfolio, the new Q5 is also a worthy candidate for the RS treatment within that timeframe. The smaller Q3 is getting ready to make the transition towards a new generation this year, so the RS variant could come out before the end of 2018. As for the sixth and final RS car, its identity remains a mystery at this point. The new A7 Sportback and the first-ever Q8 will both be out next year, so it’s unlikely any of the two will be launched in an RS flavor so soon.

Audi Sport (formerly known as “Quattro GmbH”) has admitted it’s toying around with the idea of doing a hypercar, but details about whether if it has been green-lighted for production are not available at this point. Even if it has received the stamp of approval from the company’s execs, it might not be ready for a reveal before the end of 2018. It certainly would be the perfect candidate to boost Audi Sport’s exposure and increase brand awareness.

Source: CarAdvice

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