It's the perfect machine for holding executive conference meetings on the Autobahn.

The folks at Mansory are the latest in a line of high-end tuners to upfit the mighty Mercedes V-Class – AKA the slick luxury van that isn’t available in the United States. Tricked out vans were once all the rage, but that was back when having a television in a vehicle was mind-blowingly awesome. Such multimedia systems are standard equipment in most luxury people movers these days, so Mansory focuses its efforts more towards the busy executive who prefers a rolling first-class suite.

Starting with a V250d, Mansory adds a few carbon-fiber bits to the body. A prominent front lip with air ducts that feature integrated LED daytime lamps add a touch of sport to the 250’s face. Trapezoid exhaust tips with a very subtle diffuser are down low at the back, with Mansory spoilers for the tailgate and roof. Two-tone paintwork with carbon-fiber mirror housings and 19-inch wheels round out the minimal exterior enhancements.

Inside is where things really get interesting. Ordinarily configurable for up to eight passengers, Mansory reduces the load to six by creating a four-person meeting space in back. Two comfort seat at the rear offer recline and full massage functions, separated by a center console that can feature an optional refrigerator. Opposite the comfort seats are a pair of conference seats that can be extended when needed to face the rear. All electronics (including Wi-Fi, seat functions, hands-free calling and yes, the requisite TV) are controlled via a central touch display.

Mercedes V-Class by Mansory

Being an ultra-luxury mobile office, Mansory adds plenty of wood and Alcantara leather to the mix. Up front, the 250d receives fresh trim for the dash, aluminum pedals, and a new sport steering wheel that comes with carbon fiber shift paddles. That doesn’t mean this executive hauler is particularly fast, but it can get out of its own way thanks to some programming magic that helps Mansory pull an extra 52 horsepower (39 kW) from the stock four-cylinder diesel. With a total of 252 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, the tweaked 250d can reach an autobahn-acceptable 130 miles per hour.

Mansory makes no mention of price for its upfitted V-Class Merc, but similar models such as the Brabus Business Lounge can stretch beyond $300,000. That's a bit much for folks looking to get a neat-o van to take camping, but for the busy executive on-the-go, there are worse ways to broker million-dollar deals while sitting in traffic.


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