Details pertaining to the upcoming Rolls Royce RR4 aka 200EX have sprung up. The mini Phantom should come with a price tag of about £180,000.

A Rolls-Royce for the man on the street? Hardly. UK CAR magazine reckons the price tag on the RR4 will touch the £180,000 (US$257,000) mark. That's notably less than the £264,000 potential buyers are asked to part with for a Phantom but Rolls Royce say those who do decide to part with it won't feel the difference in ride or interior quality. The ‘waftability' factor in the RR4 will be just as high thanks to the use of similar air springs as those in the big Phantom.

The RR4 will be revealed in Geneva under the name 200EX concept. It's based on the long-wheel-base BMW 7-Series and will be sharing a few parts with it too. Mostly steel is to be used for its body construction and rearward-opening rear doors will feature. Though official dimensions are not yet released these official pictures of the 200EX show a very spacious rear interior. And so it should be since the whole car is about 5.4 metres (212 inches) long.

A powerful BMW V12 engine will be the source of force. It's very much likely to be coupled with a 7-speed ZF automatic gearbox. An iDrive-like infotainment system is installed and would be accessed through a round knob in the centre console and an electronically-retractable screen in the middle of the dashboard just above the air vents.

[UPDATE 2.20.2009] Press release added below.

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Rolls-Royce 200EX Official Photos and Initial Details