There's even a set of wheels inside in case you want to use different rubber at the strip.

Don’t worry about having the right tools for converting your Challenger SRT Demon from a street machine to a monster at the drag strip because a partnership between Dodge and Snap-on means that the necessary gear comes with the much-anticipated muscle car. The company teased this equipment in an earlier video titled “Crate,” but the firm has finally decided to tell the world what was in the box – or Demon Crate as Dodge refers to it.

Inside, the Demon’s logo adorns a variety of useful parts and tools. A hydraulic floor jack lets you lift up the muscle car. A cordless impact wrench, tire pressure gauge, and torque wrench make the work easy. A fender cover protects the body while you’re wrenching, too. A duffle bag also lets you carry any additional equipment. The crate is even large enough to hold a set of wheels, complete with tie downs so that they don’t roll around on the way to the strip.

Dodge Demon Crate
Dodge Demon Crate

While the Challenger Demon is technically street legal, it’s a pretty hardcore ride for the road. For example, the company strips out the rear bench and passenger seat. There’s also less sound deadening.

Dodge pairs the stripped interior with a bounty of performance parts for making sure the Challenger Demon can launch down the strip more quickly and with greater reliability. Revised gearing and a higher stall speed for the torque converter should boost acceleration. Plus, a Drag Mode setting tunes the suspension for maximizing weight transfer to the rear wheels for better traction. Heavy-duty components for the prop shaft, differential housing, and half shafts should take the punishment many runs, too.

Dodge Demon Crate

The most recent teaser for Challenger Demon hints that the muscle car produces 757 horsepower (565 kilowatts) from its supercharged V8. We get to find out for sure when Dodge finally unveils the machine at the New York Auto Show in April. There’re still plenty of teasers for the car to come, which should reveal more bits of info about it.

Source: Dodge

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