Could this be the real image of Alfa's MiTo GTA? Or did the Photoshop boys do this? Confirmation will happen at Geneva in March. If we are lucky it will be leaked before then.

One look at this picture and one gets a sense of déjà vu. Why it looks quite identical to a press picture in the WCF archives of the ordinary Alfa Romeo MiTo when it was released. Except that car was red, this one is not and some of the exterior kit is different. The background is the exact same one and both cars have been placed in exactly the same "pose". It's all very suspicious to say the least and smells of a Photoshop job. Nevertheless a reliable source of the Alfablog has confirmed the picture is the real thing.

What it supposedly is, the new Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA. This is the high-performance version of the MiTo mini premium hatch. It has a small 1.8-litre turbo petrol engine making about 230hp (169kW). Aluminium and carbon fiber will be employed for the body in order to keep its weight to a minimum.

The MiTo GTA should be making its first public appearance at the 2009 Geneva International Motor Show.


Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA First Image - Rendered or Real?