It seems the latest trend of four-seater supercars has gotten us in a bit of a quandary. Challenging the supercar status quo by merging supercar style and performance with the pragmatism of a sedan-like people mover, we turn our heads sideways with confusion. We like what we see, but it leaves us feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Latest examples include the Lamborghini Estoque Concept, Aston Martin Rapide and even the Porsche Panamera. Now another supercar-focused automaker, Koenigsegg from Sweden, is set to present a new model reported to be a four-door sports sedan/ coupe. The car is called Quant for the moment and will be built on a new platform. If this Quant does happen to make it into production it will be made of lightweight-construction materials such as carbon fiber.

Other defining features in the Quant include a new multimedia system that works with a touch screen. It will control features like Bluetooth, iPod synchronisation and even allows the user to see how the mixture of E85 fuel affects engine power.

Since it has an E85 fuel mixture display function it's easy to speculate the Quant will pack the same E85 biofuel powertrain found in the Koenigsegg CCXR with 1018hp.

In other related news emerging from Sweden's Auto Motor und Sport, Koenigsegg has developed a double-clutch gearbox for the CCX. It's shorter and lighter than the current transmission and will change gears in 30 milliseconds. Gear changes can be made through the paddles behind the steering wheel.

As these teaser images indicate, the Quant will make its debut in Geneva in less than two weeks.


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