It's everything you love about the new McLaren supercar, just 32 times smaller.

The world of motoring is a wonderful realm where people are never too old to buy toys. In fact, we’ll make a rather bold statement and say that no other group embraces a youth-based genre more thoroughly and completely than that of the motoring enthusiast. Case-in-point, Amalgam’s amazing 1:8 scale collection of historic and modern McLarens that are so detailed you could probably drive one away, should you ever find yourself shrunk to 1:8 your size.

Scalextric has given us another reason to love our car collectibles and toys with the unveiling of its 1:32 scale McLaren 720S slot car. It’s faithfully recreated from McLaren’s latest supercar, and if you’re thinking that was a crazy quick turnaround considering the real deal was just revealed last week in Geneva, you’re not wrong. Scalextric worked with McLaren during the 720’s development process and was sworn to secrecy on the design, something the company said was “torture” in their release announcing the slot car version.


Scalextric McLaren 720S


Scalextric takes such things very seriously. In addition to utilizing numerous photo and technical assets supplied directly from McLaren, Scalextric designers visited the manufacturer’s design center to see the in-development 720S in person. The time spent on faithfully recreating the supercar in 1:32 form seems to be well-spent; the mini McLaren is as visually striking as its full-size doppelganger. It will be available in two colors: Glacier White and Azores Orange.

The prestigious British slot car company has been around since the 1950s and is pretty much the only game in town when it comes to high-end scale racing. Over the years Scalextric has offered an exceptional range of both modern and classic cars, featuring everything from vintage Trans Am racers and Formula 1 cars to modern exotics. The 720S joins many other McLaren slot car offerings from Scalextric, including the 12C GT3 and P1.

The 1:32 scale Scalextric McLaren 720S is available for pre-order now at £39.99 ($48.91), with cars arriving to buyers later this year.

Source: Scalextric



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