Photos have leaked out of the new Alfa Romeo 159, and we've got the goods!

Photos of the new 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 leaked out when company employees "accidentally" uploaded the pics to a Fiat website. The photos were discovered by ravenous French Fiat fans in advance of the car's expected Geneva debut.

Here's what we can tell you from the photos. This car uses a multiJet Turbo Diesel engine (JTDm, for short). History would suggest this car uses Throttle Body injection, as suggested by the badging. However, believes this to actually refer to the new 1.8-liter turbocharged direct injection engine Alfa is making available for the 159.

This exciting new machine makes the Alfa 159 their first midsize petrol turbo in nearly a decade. The car is expected to get front-wheel drive, and the same Q2 limited-slip differential on the current model. Six-speed manual, and sequential six-speed automatic transmissions are expected. Although the interior looks very much the same as the 2008 MY, it does have some new exterior touches. We noticed new multi-spoke wheels, and the body-colored side-mirrors at first. At the back, it appears the rear bumper has a slightly new shape, while getting rid of the integrated reflectors there.

Currently, the 159 comes with a choice of three petrol engines, a 1.8-liter MPI, 2.2-liter JTS, and the top-of-the-line 3.2-liter JTS V6. Also available are two turbo-diesels, including a 1.9 liter JTD 16v, and the 2.4-liter JTDM.

The first generation 159 was introduced in 2005 at the Geneva Motor Show as a replacement for the 156. Its interior was touched up in 2008, when it received the Q2 differential, and a new V6 engine. Aluminum wheels and brakes helped cut 45 kg that year.

We expect to see the new 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 in Geneva when the auto show begins in March.

Looking beyond 2009, Alfa Romeo parent company Fiat in a new partnership with Chrysler said the next generation 159 will resurrect the Giulia nameplate, originally from the 105 series during the 60s and 70s. Outlined in Chrysler's Viability plan, the Giulia would make it's debut in late 2010 with market launch in mid-2011.

2009 Alfa 159 Surfaces Ahead of Geneva Unveiling