Top Gear has once again switched cars for celebrities to drive, but this time the motoring show has opted for something with a little more performance than the previous Kia Cee’d or Chevrolet Lacetti.  Celebs now get to lap the course in a mildly modified Toyota GT86 (simply the 86 in the United States). The new Reasonably Fast Car should allow for some more exciting runs than the old rides.

Toyota removed the backseat, took out some of the carpet, added a racing bucket, and installed a roll cage. Taken together, the tweaks probably don’t change the coupe’s weight too much over stock. The powertrain remains stock with a 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder under the hood that drives the rear wheels through a six-speed manual.

Toyota 86 Top Gear Reasonably Fast Car

Motor1’s Jake Holmes came away reasonably impressed with the upgrades for the mildly revised 2017 86 in the American market during a recent review.

“Push the 86 through corners and it takes a solid, stable set, with predictable and modest amounts of roll and dive. The steering weights up progressively as you dial in more speed and angle, without any dartiness off-center. Looking through corners and trusting the relatively skinny tires, you can easily position the car and carry big speed on a rippling back road,” he said.

There’s still a burning question about how much longer the Top Gear Test Track at the Dunsfold Aerodrome can exist. In December 2016, the land’s owners announced the local government’s consent for building 1,800 homes there and for the expansion of the existing Dunsfold Business Park. The builders haven’t said when construction might begin, though.

Source: Top Gear, Dunsfold Park

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