Lincoln wants to be a trendsetter in the automotive industry. According to Pantone Color Institute, shades of blue will be quite popular for fashion this spring and the automaker has a new fashion collection Continental interior design to match the trends. The attached images depict what Lincoln calls Rhapsody, “a unique monochromatic interior in rich, layered tones of blue.”

But why Rhapsody? “Rhapsody takes a bit of our Lincoln heritage, our signature blue, and modernizes it,” David Woodhouse, design director at Lincoln Motor Company, explains. “It’s soft, it’s beautiful, and it’s truly inspiring.”

It is indeed. The materials and dashboard layout have been selected and arranged to “flow like water.” The dashboard is covered in soft blue leather with contrasting decorative accents around the air vents, while the seats and parts of the door cards are dressed in Alcantara sueded cloth.

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But why not black? Because three blue shades are in the Top 10 colors of the season, according to Pantone Color Institute. And because the manufacturer believes the color generates feelings of “warmth, comfort and security.” It was inspired by “the custom business suits” and by the nature – “how day fades into night, how the sky gets so soft and velvety.”

The brand says that, while working on the project, the design team listened to George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. “It simply captured the tempo of life for the Lincoln client,” according to Marcia Salzberg, senior designer for color and materials, with all the ups and downs in life.

Meanwhile, Lincoln has also started taking orders for the signature Black Label theme for the 2017 Lincoln Continental. It brings a number of goodies, including 20-inch wheels and more soft-touch and suede-like coverings for the cabin. It is available as a FWD and an AWD model with prices starting at $64,000.

Source: Lincoln

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