With some minor design tweaks this idiosyncratic crossover could hit the road.

The crossover segment is enjoying incredible popularity around the world, but the limits of the standard two-box design often leaves many of the models looking rather similar. Citroën’s C-Aircross concept at the Geneva Motor Show demonstrates that there’s an opportunity for exceptional styling in this trendy niche. Granted, this model’s quirky looks might be too unorthodox for some folks.

The C-Aircross concept takes the look of the latest C3 and adapts the funky design into a CUV. Narrow, high-mounted lights connecting to the grille and larger lamps below create the family resemblance up front. However, the concept has a higher ride height and thick cladding outlines the lower edge of the body. The integrated exterior step for easier access to the cabin is a neat touch, too. At the back, wild three-dimensional taillights give us a headache to look at because of their complicated layered styling, and louvers in the rear corners have a similar visual effect.

2017 - Citroën C-Aircross Concept
2017 - Citroën C-Aircross Concept

The C-Aircross would need some styling adjustments before coming to the road. Designers love using rear-facing cameras instead of mirrors, but they’re being a little too forward thinking because only Japan permits the units on the road so far. The suicide doors on this concept would surely transition to a more conventional layout on the production version, too.

Where the exterior appears ready for production after some tweaks, the cabin seems too sci-fi for the road. The spartan layout has a central transparent instrument panel. A wide 12-inch infotainment display sits in the center of the dashboard. Citroën’s stylists keep physical buttons to a minimum and upholster the interior in modern light-colored fabric.

2017 Citroen C-Aircross concept

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The company doesn’t offer any description of the powertrain, other than it has the automaker’s Grip Control system, which lets drivers adjust the stability control parameters.

It’s possible that the C-Aircross could influence the design of the replacement for the C3 Picasso. Rather than being a small minivan, the future model might pick up more inspiration from the crossover segment.

Source: Citroën

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