A wide range of customizable options will soon be available on the BMW 7 Series, and we have the details.

BMW plans to introduce a new programme allowing customers to personalize the interior of their 7-Series. The plan will be rolled out at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show being held next month.

Customers will be able to choose from a full range of Alcantara roof liners to fully match the available shades and grains of Merino leather upholstery. Seams in the leather will be made-to-order in many different patterns. These will show up within the dashboard, door lining, and on the seats. Trim options include black Piano paint, Reddish Brown plant tree wood, and Satin Nut Brown.

In back, a fully integrated cooler is built into the space between the individual rear seats. The mini-fridge holds two 700ml bottles, and two normal-sized soft drink cans. It is unclear if BMW included champagne flute holders, like the Maybach 62S.

On the outside, the owner will also be able to choose the brand new Citrin Black paint, made by Xirallic. Xirallic paints tend to have highlighted tones, more intense color, and a shiny lustre. Also, new owners get the benefit of having exclusive 20-inch light-alloys with a V-spoke design.

When the economy's in the tank, somebody has to flaunt it!

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