FAB Design introduces the Maybach 57S. Only 15 units of this 650hp example of super luxury saloon decadence are to be built.

The idea of a low-flying saloon seems to have been upmost on the FAB Design team's minds when they chanced upon the Maybach 57 S. The Daimler car would form the basis for the tuning kit you see here. FAB chose the shorter 57 S specifically because it's the one considered better suited for the self-driving multimillionaire.

Hurling the car forward is a 650hp (478kW) biturbo engine making maximum torque of 1,025Nm. FAB says the heavy saloon will quickly sprint from 0 - 100km/h in 4.9 seconds and stop accelerating at 303km/h.

Outside it sports a body that is 30 centimetres wider than the factory car. There are air vents on the side of each wheel in order to provide extra cooling air for the brakes. The front apron is also designed to scoop more air into the engine bay for cooling purposes. Tyres used are 265/30 and 325/25 front and rear with rims measuring 20-inches in diameter.

When it came to the interior FAB decided to go cream and blue. Lots of leather and Alcantara surfaces that are contrasted with sky blue accents decorate the interior. For entertainment there are plenty of choices to make, from iPod connections to a multi-cinema entertainment system.

FAB Design plans to only produce 15 units of this car.


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