A new Hyundai was spotted on the streets of Korea, but what is it?

This mystery Hyundai sedan was spotted in Korea the other day, with pics posted to a message board there. We usually rejoice when we get pics of a completely unmasked new car, but this time we're just not sure what the thing is!

Let's examine what we do know about the car. At the front, we have a grille that is not seen on any current Hyundai model that we know. Although shaped like the Santa Fe's grille, this one has four chrome-colored horizontal lines like many of the company's current sedans. Headlights do not come from any current offering, but seem inspired by the current lamps available on the Elantra. Round fog lamps are fully integrated with air intakes, akin to the Genesis. They are distinctly different from the square fog lamps seen on models like the Azera and Sonata. It has a rounded off snub-nose, very reminiscent of the current Elantra, and the recently debuted Sonata. This front end is definitely less aerodynamic than the new Genesis.

The rear passenger windows end in a squared off shape, just like the Genesis. However, the pointy side-mirrors do not have indicators built in to them. Six-point wheels look very similar to those found on the four-door Hyundai Accent. Although smaller, they also bear a resemblance to those found on the Santa Fe.

At the back, this car has completely different taillights than the Genesis. Rear lights on the Genesis are split white and red, with about a third of the light being built in to the trunk. These lights look like they could appear on a new Accent, or even the Getz.

This car seems to have the stance of a rear-wheel-drive, which could exclude the Sonata, even though the Sonata does have access to a dual-exhaust. Bottom line: we don't really know what this car is. It appears to be shorter than the Genesis, but by how much? That being said, it looks like this could be a new Hyundai sedan, almost production-ready, and possibly just for the Korean market.

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