The Q60 concept would incorporate F1 technology and could lead to other Black S models

Infiniti has a curious concept at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, but the takeaway isn’t the prospect of a hopped-up Q60 Coupe. Rather, it appears to be something of a case study for creating a new ultra-performance division within Infiniti called Black S. In a press release, the manufacturer says a Black S brand “could represent the maximum level of performance and dynamic capability offered by Infiniti.”

If the Project Black S Q60 at Geneva is any indication, a full-on performance division could be epic. Infiniti partnered with the Renault Sport Formula One Team to create a hybrid system that would bump the Q60’s power by 25 percent. If the terms hybrid and performance seem counterproductive, consider the current crop of hypercars achieving insane levels of acceleration and speed with their hybrid powertrain. Still not impressed? Then you should know the Q60’s hybrid technology pulls straight from Formula One, using motors at the wheels to capture energy during braking to fill a battery, which then sends the power right back for added acceleration. Electrically-enhanced turbos also make use of the energy to add power with reduced lag.

Infiniti Q60 Project Black S concept
Infiniti Q60 Project Black S concept

Infiniti makes no mention of specific horsepower, but a bit of basic math says a 25 percent gain from the 400-horsepower Red Sport 400 would give Project Black S a stable of 500 ponies to use. Additionally, Infiniti suggests a Black S series would feature suspension tuning and weight reduction – the latter of which would certainly be welcome following an infusion of hybrid components.

Infiniti makes prolific use of the words could and potential throughout their Black S press release, so we’re clearly dealing with a concept-in-progress. One thing we know for certain –  the Project Black S Q60 concept at Geneva is certainly striking in appearance. We’re already quite fond of the coupe’s stunning good looks, and while the Black S exterior add-ons certainly add some aggression, it’s not so overdone to think it couldn’t go into production tomorrow.

Of course, it’s not going into production tomorrow. Infiniti has been very clear on their intentions, but it also means they’re listening to feedback. With that in mind, the Red Sport is all well and good, but we hope Infiniti decides to bet on black.

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