The company thinks this electric three-seater would appeal to women between 30 and 50 years old.

The Toyota i-Tril Concept rolls into the Geneva Motor Show as a vision for getting around the city of the future – specifically in 2030. The company’s designers at the studio in Nice, France, have a very specific demographic in mind for this three-seater, too: “a sophisticated, single, 30-50 year old active female with two children and a vibrant lifestyle” who lives in a small- to medium-sized town.

The i-Tril evolves the look of the previous i-Road concept by taking the idea of a city-focused driving pod and adding more cabin space. The new model retains the Active Lean system and can tilt up to 10 degrees into corners while the rear axle stays planted to the road. The tech creates an engaging driving experience by being more like a motorcycle and allows for a tight, 13-foot turning circle. The i-Tril gets around using an electric motor, but Toyota doesn’t disclose how powerful it is. The company claims the powertrain offers a range of over 124 miles (200 kilometers), though.

Toyota i-Tril Concept
Toyota i-Tril Concept

Once occupants step through the butterfly doors, the driver finds a unique cockpit layout. Rather than traditional pedals, the person in front grips things akin to video game controllers. These allow for making braking, steering, and acceleration adjustments. A central head-up display replaces the usual instrument panel. The i-Tril can also pilot itself autonomously.

The seating configuration is somewhat like the classic McLaren F1 by having the driver in the middle and allowing for two passengers further back. According to Toyota, this layout maximizes the legroom and outward visibility for all occupants.

According to Toyota, expansion in major European cities like London and Paris will slow down in the coming years, and there will be a greater emphasis on the medium-sized locations around these metropolises. The i-Tril is supposed to excel in these newly popular environments.

Toyota eventually began doing consumer trials of the i-Road in Japan. So we’re curious whether the i-Tril remains purely a concept or eventually gets some actual on-road development. Such an innovative vehicle layout could be a cool alternative to the company’s previous rather boring efforts at a small city car, like the iQ.

Source: Toyota

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