Foretells Hyundai's next-generation fuel cell technology due in 2018.

Hyundai is attending the 2017 Geneva Motor Show with a bold-looking concept providing a glimpse of the company’s thoroughly upgraded fuel cell system. Compared to the current Tucson ix35 Fuel Cell, the new hardware is not only 20 percent lighter, but it also boost efficiency by 10 percent and comes with a 30 percent higher power density for the fuel stack. Range anxiety shouldn’t pose a problem anymore considering Hyundai says the concept has been engineered to cover more than 497 miles (800 kilometers) on hydrogen.

An ace up the concept’s sleeve is the inclusion of portable battery packs, which will come in handy for those inside the minimalist cabin to power their devices, such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, the trunk of the Futuristic FE Fuel Cell Concept has a built-in storage space for an electric scooter recharged in its own port while the vehicle is in motion. It can be used later on to tackle a crowded urban area where cars get stuck in the heavy traffic very often.

Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept
Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept

In a bid to further strengthen the concept’s eco-friendly image, Hyundai has fitted the cabin with an air humidifier responsible for recycling the water emitted by the hydrogen energy circulation to make the cabin air cleaner.

Hyundai points out the showcar in Geneva is more than just a technology demonstrator since the concept’s design will actually influence a production model scheduled to come out in 2018. Aside from boasting an unprecedented range for a hydrogen-powered model, the yet unnamed car is going to take advantage of the company’s latest crop of driver assistance systems part of the “Hyundai Smart Sense” array of driver’s aids.

From what we know so far from Hyundai, the model is going to take the shape of an all-new crossover riding on a new platform. It is believed the official premiere is scheduled to occur at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Source: Hyundai

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