The study has been created for Level 5 of autonomous driving.

The “biggest change process in Volkswagen's history” has started during the company’s special event in the night before the 2017 Geneva Motor Show official kicks off. The German automaker is presenting the first concept car from the so-called "TOGETHER – Strategy 2025" – meet the fully autonomous Sedric study.

And Volkswagen is dead serious about its plans to “become a globally leading provider of sustainable mobility.” The Sedric concept features the highest level of autonomy, Level 5, and has been developed and built at the Volkswagen Group Future Center in Potsdam in collaboration with Volkswagen Group Research in Wolfsburg.

Being a completely self-driving machine, the vehicle is able to collect its passengers by a single touch of a button. It’s an “all-electric, 100 percent connected and fully autonomous” car that can independently perform all driving tasks without any need from the driver. Not only that, but a human will never be allowed to take control over the vehicle, as it has no steering wheel, pedals, or cockpit.

VW Sedric Concept
VW Sedric Concept
VW Sedric Concept

But the Sedric is more than just a vehicle, according to Volkswagen. It’s designed as a fellow traveler, with whom you can discuss the destination, how to get there, the driving time, and the current traffic situation. Simply said, you can talk to Sedric like you would “with a personal assistant.”

All the information for the trip is presented to the passengers through a big OLED screen with augmented reality, which replaces the windshield. It serves as an infotainment center, but “passengers can also close their eyes, sit back and relax.”

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During the introduction of the car, Volkswagen reconfirmed it wants to launch no less than 30 purely electric cars by 2025 and will invest “several billion euros” in developing autonomous technologies. In support of its strategy, specialists from a total of 37 competence centers and digital labs all over the world will work on solutions for “tomorrow's digital world.”

Source: Volkswagen


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