The Jaguar F-Pace is about to get a kid brother.

If you are in the market for a Jaguar crossover, but you’re finding the F-Pace's starting price of $41,990 MSRP out of reach, we have good news. You are looking at the E-Pace in the making, a smaller high-riding model set to come at a more attainable price tag to help the Tata Motors-owned brand further capitalize on the strong demand for such models.


Despite the heavy amount of camouflage applied onto the body, it’s easy to notice the posh crossover’s styling will draw inspiration from its bigger brother. The disguise will allegedly come off this summer when Jaguar will introduce the E-Pace set to go up against the likes of Audi Q3 and BMW X1. The five-seat model is set to borrow most of the hardware from the Land Rover Discovery Sport and will have roughly the same size as the Range Rover Evoque, but with a slightly longer wheelbase for additional rear legroom.

An assortment of turbocharged four-cylinder engines from JLR’s family of Ingenium powertrains will reside underneath the hood. A thrifty derivative employing a hybrid setup is expected to be part of the lineup, either from day one or later in the model’s life cycle. Cheaper versions are going to come as standard with a front-wheel-drive layout, while upper-spec models with stronger engines will take advantage of an AWD setup.

An official reveal of the Jaguar E-Pace is expected to occur in May, but a market launch is unlikely to commence before the year’s end. If there are plans to bring the new crossover stateside, it’s going to cost substantially less than $40,000. For the sake of comparison, an X1 kicks off at $33,100 in the U.S. of A. where the Q3 starts at $31,800.

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