There appeared to be plenty of time for the BMW driver to do something that would have dodged this collision.

A dashboard-mounted camera captured a bizarre crash in Chonburi province, Thailand, between a BMW i8 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan. The collision appears to happen out of nowhere.

The dashcam of a vehicle in the center lane captures the accident. Traffic is travelling down a three-lane highway, which eventually narrows down to two lanes because of cones on the left. The Mercedes is the only visible traffic ahead, and it’s several car lengths in front of the model recording this video.

After a few seconds, a white BMW i8 comes speeding along the right lane, and it’s going quite a bit faster than the vehicle recording this video. There shouldn’t be any problems, though, because traffic looks clear ahead.  However, the i8 driver put on the brakes and begins merging into the center lane. The hybrid sports car slams into the back of the Mercedes, and the two of them stop in the road.

BMW i8 and Mercedes crash

By our count, the BMW activates its brakes about two seconds before colliding with the Mercedes. It seems like there would be plenty of time for the i8 driver to make a small steering correction, remain in the right lane, and then pass the C-Class in a few seconds.

The Daily Mirror claims that the BMW driver is correcting after nearly hitting the barrier along the highway median. There’s not much evidence of that, though. The i8 never even crosses the yellow line in this clip. Plus, the accident doesn’t happen because the hybrid sports car violently swerves into the Mercedes. Instead, the incident occurs after a slow merge that looks like someone trying to switch lanes.

According to the Daily Mirror, the BMW driver is the owner of a successful online fashion business in Thailand, so he might have enough money to replace the i8 with a new one. BMW is reportedly debuting a refreshed, more powerful i8 sometime in 2017, and the Spyder is finally joining the lineup, according to recent spy photos. If this person gets another one, this accident suggests Bimmer’s suite of safety assistance tech might be a smart investment to help prevent future collisions.

Source: The Daily Mirror

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