The GT range expands beyond coupes and convertibles.

This is our first glimpse of the new concept car that Mercedes-AMG will reveal next week at the Geneva Motor Show. As we expected, AMG confirms it will be a four-door addition to the existing GT range.


The concept appears to have the same rounded rump and sloping rear window as the GT coupe, but with an elongated body that can fit four doors instead of just two. In typical show-car fashion, the fenders are pushed way out from the body to accommodate enormous, intricately designed wheels. A racy center-exit exhaust and an aggressive diffuser adorn the car’s tail. And up front, traditional mirrors have been nixed in favor of tiny cameras mounted on ultra-skinny arms emerging from the car’s fenders.

The new car will likely reach European dealerships by 2018 and is rumored to be called the GT4. As in the existing coupe and roadster models, expect AMG to plant its 4.0-liter biturbocharged V8 engine up front, with the brand’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission directing power to the rear wheels.

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 would compete with models like the Porsche Panamera. It will be based on a modified version of the company’s MRA (modular rear-wheel drive) platform.

For its part, AMG has said only that, “the performance brand offers an advance view of its four-door sports car at the Geneva Motor Show.”

Stay tuned over the coming days, as Mercedes-AMG is sure to trickle out more information before fully revealing the new concept car in Geneva. At the European even, Mercedes will also publicly show the new E-Class Cabriolet, plus the the E63 S WagonGT C Roadster Edition 50C63 S Cabriolet Ocean Blue Edition, and a C43 Coupe equipped with the Performance Studio Package – also known as the Night Edition in Europe. We’ll also see the insane G650 Landaulet and the Concept X-Class pickup truck.

Source: Mercedes-AMG

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The Mercedes-AMG GT family continues to grow. With the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, the performance brand offers an advance view of its four-door sports car at the Geneva Motor Show.