The future of Jeep’s Grand Wagoneer project is still a bit murky – but hopefully this new rendering should help clear things up. This is what the Grand Wagoneer could look like when (or if) it hits production line in the next few years.

If that front fascia looks familiar, that’s because it’s the same design we saw on the leaked photo from the dealer presentation back in October. The dual LED headlight fixtures, the lower LED running lights, and the more sculpted grille and lower fascia all give the Grand Wagoneer a more premium look over its Grand Cherokee sibling.

2019 Jeep Grand Wagoneer spy photos

The body keeps its design well within the family, but extends a few inches further out back to include the addition of a full-size third row. Though we can’t see the rear in this lone render, the typical Grand Cherokee lighting setup will be replaced with LED fixtures to match the headlights, and the new rear diffuser will make the exhaust tips more prominent.

Unfortunately for prospective buyers, a few setbacks have kept the Grand Wagoneer well under wraps up until this point. Jeep has already confirmed that the project is "moving forward," even with a minor setbacks at the Warren Truck Assembly plant in Michigan where the SUV will be built. The delay was reportedly part of a few engineering issues, the company alleges it might not be able to find a way to adapt the Grand Cherokee’s platform to a larger segment.

Whatever the case, the large luxury SUV could be ready for its debut as soon as 2019. When it does hit dealers, Jeep CEO Mike Manley says that a price tag of $130,000 to $140,000 for the Grand Wagoneer "could be possible." The company could potentially offer a lower trim Wagoneer and a more expensive, more premium Grand Wagoneer. Only time will tell.

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