New Gran Turismo incorporates elements of the 7-series luxury sedan with the sportyness of the X6 coupe.

The BMW 5-series Gran Turismo Concept is all about the "driving experience." At least, that is the theme BMW wants to strike with this car and what inspired its creation in the first place.

The 5-series Gran Turismo Concept is a Progressive Activity Sedan. BMW like to come up with their own category names for vehicles. They chose to categorize the X6 not as an SUV but as an SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle). So here comes a Progressive Activity Sedan.

What is it supposed to be?

Well, many elements are present here. There's the luxury sedan-level elegance and comfort of the 7-Series balanced with the sporty, outdoors-yness of the X6 as well. It's a concept, so there are few details on power plants and transmissions and lots of talk about style and design. The photos do tell most of the story.

The Gran Turismo is a four-door, four-seat coupe, a design that has become somewhat of a fashion of late. But the rear seats fold down to give this grand tourer 1650 liters of luggage space well-suited to the wanderer in you. And the Panorama glass roof provides the sense of openness you want to feel on the road.

By naming this vehicle a Gran Turismo BMW is looking to re-establish the iconic ideal of the Gran Turismo as a comfy coupe meant for traveling in style. It remains to be seen if this BMW will fly as an actual production model. But they've been known to try stranger things and succeed at it.


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