You can't see much, but this new teaser image of the Bollinger Motors all-electric truck does give us a hint about what the new EV will look like. Bollinger says that the EV is an "on and off road sport utility truck" and will be revealed this summer in New York. Unlike other companies, that have decided to electrify gas-powered work vehicles, the new Bollinger truck, "was designed from the ground-up employing an all-electric powertrain, aluminum chassis, adjustable air suspension and convertible cab panels."

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In other words, you haven't seen this one before. Bollinger has said on Twitter that the vehicle is, "the perfect EV … for work and play." In a statement released with the teaser image you see above, Bollinger CEO Robert Bollinger said that the truck is "the perfect truck for ranchers, builders, and off-roaders but without the environmental effects and carbon footprint of a traditional gas-powered SUV."


Bollinger Motors is making big promises about the truck's performances. It says that it will feature, "unparalleled traction, torque and ground clearance." as well as, "a fun and responsive driving experience." The company has said that it will start building the truck in 2018, and that the version that will be on display at the reveal will be "production-ready."

When his company made its first public announcement a month ago, Robert Bollinger said on a company blog that:

I wanted to go electric. And what I wanted was a truck. But I wanted something that improved on the category's historical short-comings in traction, ground clearance, storage, and versatility. So we decided to make our own truck, from the ground up. … In a very short time we have fully designed and engineered the vehicle architecture, chassis, suspension, gearboxes, brakes, cooling system, electric powertrain integration and systems software, fine-tuning each to the demands of this particular truck.

By creating a unique vehicle with exceptional off-road performance and one-of-a-kind utility features, we are redefining the truck category. The dual-motor electric drivetrain with AWD system is capable of best-in-class horsepower, torque and traction, while the suspension will deliver best-in-class angle departures and ground clearance. And the all-electric powertrain means no carbon emissions and whisper-quiet NVH, along with ultra-low operating and maintenance costs.

Source: Bollinger Motors

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