While there were sporty Saabs like the Sonett and 9-3 Viggen, the company never built a full-on supercar. Gray Design looks to mend that hole in the practically dead brand’s lineup by imagining a high-tech Swedish coupe that it calls the AiroX. Advanced artificial intelligence could help a driver be even faster around a track.

Other than the grille, Gray Design’s styling for the AiroX doesn’t take many cues from classic Saabs. The screen in the front end for showing messages is a weird touch, though. Instead, the model looks more like a classic supercar with a low roof and mid-mounted powertrain. However, this vehicle borrows more inspiration from Saab’s history as an aircraft company.

Saab Airox rendering

Movable wings and flaps would adjust the aerodynamics for the vehicle to slice through the air. According to Gray Design, pieces at the front would adjust the downforce there. The deployable panels at the back would extend at high speed for extra stabilization.

The chance of Saab actually building a supercar is fairly low because the company’s current parent is National Electric Vehicle Sweden having enough problems just reviving the 9-3 as an electric car. In late January 2017, the firm claimed that it had an order for supplying 150,000 units of the EV to China’s Panda New Energy. Production is supposed to begin at a new factory by the end of 2017.

Saab Airox rendering

Saab forged a legacy of being a quirky brand with a dedicated fan following. General Motors later bought the brand and eventually tried to make the company more mainstream. The attempt failed, and the General sold off the firm. Spyker also briefly held ownership before going into bankruptcy. Then, NEVS tried to pick up the pieces, but it hasn’t bee able to revitalize Saab yet.

NEVS can’t even use the Saab name on future vehicles because the automaker’s complex history means that the moniker's ownership is split between the car company and the defense contractor. The plane builder revoked permission to use the trademark due to the automotive firm’s financial problems.

Source: Gray Design

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