308 caught in winter testing sets speculation in motion. Could this be a 308 Sport, or RC/Z Coupe, or a GTI? Or maybe it's just a facelifted 308.

What could Peugeot be up to with this 308? Are they finally going to come up with a real sport version to compete with the Golf GTI or the upcoming Megane Alpine in this segment? Yes, we liked the GT - but a 1.6 liter turbo with 175 hp is no longer enough for GTI material.

This 308, caught during winter testing, comes with broader rear bumpers but not much else seems to distinguish this from the production 308 GT THP 175.

Maybe, its a mule for the 218 horsepower RC/Z Coupe, which was shown as a concept at the Frankfurt motor show in 2007. An RC version seems to be where Peugeot is likely headed, given its recent history.

Or maybe it's just a facelifted 308.

But you want to see that lion roar as a pure GTI, don't you? Chip tune that 1.6 liter power plant to about 220 hp and let that classic Peugeot handling the brand was always known for make its well-overdue return and show the competition how its done again.

We can dream, can't we?


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