Sportec has introduced the SC 350, a tuned Volkswagen Scirocco with engine, suspension and wheel upgrades.

Now that the Volkswagen Scirocco is finally on the ground, the tuners are lining up to make it a bit better, a bit faster, a bit cooler. Swiss tuner Sportec has just introduced its SC 350 with suspension and engine upgrades to help set your Scirocco apart.

The Sported SC 350 is available with a range of performance tweaks for the 2.0 liter, 200 horsepower engine, boosting output anywhere from 40 to 150 horsepower over the original. Engine management chips and a stainless steel exhaust, improved fuel delivery and a Sportec turbocharger and intercooler are the agents of increased performance. To dress it all up, there's a carbon engine cover available as well. A locking differential is added.

On the suspension side, Sportec lowers the SC 350 by about 35mm with adjustable shocks and performance springs. The Scirocco looks good pulled down on the wheels, and to accent the lowering effect Sportec has added larger wheels as well. Twenty-inch Sportec Mono/10 wheels are lightweight, to keep unsprung weight down and reflexes crisp. They look good, too, especially in blackout form on the show vehicle.

Interior modifications are kept light with a four-piece velour floormat set and carbon fiber trim embossed with the Sportec logo.

Sportec hasn't announced pricing or availability of the SC 350 yet.

Sportec SC 350 VW Scirocco