This isn’t the typical dream garage, but the 911 Speedster inside isn’t a typical dream car.

Who wouldn’t want to build a special garage for a special car? In this case, the car is a 1989 Porsche 911 G-model Speedster owned by Andreas Kümmel, a 46-year old securities manager for a large bank. If that sounds like the kind of gig that would allow someone to own a dream car, you’re right. And being that Kümmel hails from Rückersdorf – a northern suburb of Nuremberg, Germany – he has access to some exceptional German machinery.

As for the special garage, such a subject conjures up images of limitless climate-controlled space with lifts and thoughtfully placed toolboxes, perhaps a black-and-white checkered floor waxed to brilliance, cutaway posters, die-cast cars on shelves, and a massive television to watch your favorite racing films over and over. But not Kümmel. His primary goal for a special garage was to see the Porsche in all its majesty from the sofa in his house.


1989 Porsche Speedster


To that end, Kümmel enlisted the help of a friend who was an architect and worked up a design based around the car. If you’re thinking that a 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster is small, you’re correct – the garage houses just the Speedster with room for little else. According to a release from Porsche, the garage “had to be conically tapered, have panels to drive on (not a standard foundation), special lighting, frosted glass panels to the street, [and] as few pillars as possible.” Kümmel’s brother-in-law – a stage and lighting designer with experience in European theaters – designed a special remote-controlled system so that “no shadows or light refraction would disturb the beauty of the Porsche.”

Before you start looking up definitions for obsessive-compulsive disorder, there’s one more bit of information you need on this story that will take if from borderline creepy to sentimentally satisfying. Kümmel’s father very much wanted to purchase a Speedster in 1989 when he retired, but the stars never aligned to make it happen. For the son, acquiring this car many years later then building such a specific home for it was the culmination of his father’s dream.  

So when Andreas Kümmel comes home from work, sits on the sofa, and remotely activates the lighting system to reveal the pristine Speedster within, it’s not just for the love of the car. It’s for the love of family.  

Source: Porsche


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