It can be yours for just $14,500.

The word "sputafuoco" quite literally translates to mean "fire-breather." In this case, the spirit of a classic Ducati and a iconic Cagiva have come together to create a single bike well worthy of the designation. And it’s for sale right now on ModernLook.

Full disclosure: ModernLook is part of the family. A sister site of, it hosts flash sales exclusively for its members to sell the coolest products for a lower price than they'll find anywhere else. That means this custom bike is priced about as low as you're going to find. 

Sputafuoco Ducati Pantah 350CC
Sputafuoco Ducati Pantah 350CC

The aptly-named Sputafuoco ("Bootstrap") Ducati Pantah was built by master craftsman Stefano Venier, and comes with a 350 cc engine good for 36 horsepower (26 kilowatts) and a top speed of 103 miles per hour (165 kilometers per hour). But as Venier notes, "when you ride it the sensation is of a really fast motorcycle," he said in an interview. "It screams like a rocket, and has no fear of bigger bikes!"

The hybrid bike is a combination of a Cagiva Ala Azzurra 350 cc and and a Ducati Pantah TL. The two together create a strong, elegant motorcycle with a retro feel. The sides have been repurposed from the Ducati, and the gas tank has been fitted with a custom aluminum cap. The front light was ripped off a vintage Moto Guzzi, while the fenders, seat, and brackets were all hand made.

Sputafuoco Ducati Pantah 350CC

The handlebar is repurposed from a Benelli 354, and the speedometer is fitted directly into the headlight to give it a more minimalistic look and feel. The bike is available for sale through ModernLook for $14,500
– a small price to pay for such a stunning hand-built bike. If you're in the market, click the link to check it out.

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