Jackson Storm is the new phenom in racing, and Lightning McQueen isn't necessarily ready for the challenge.

After misses like Finding Dory and The Good Dinosaur, Pixar’s glittering reputation is starting to lose a little of its luster, but the latest trailer for Cars 3 suggests the animation studio has a winner on the way this summer. The latest clip largely focuses on Jackson Storm, the antagonist in the new movie, and Lightning McQueen’s efforts to keep up his speed against younger competition. We should know a lot more when Cars 3 premieres in the United States on June 16.

The new trailer offers a little more opportunity to see on track action, but it largely uses the same shots from earlier clips promoting the movie. From the videos so far, the film’s plot appears to focus on McQueen suffering a massive wreck while racing Storm. The series’ hero returns to the roots of American oval racing and begins competing on short, local tracks. We can only presume that the finale is a rematch against Storm.

Thematically, the latest Cars movie reminds us a little of Rocky IV. Jackson Storm is the Ivan Drago character that uses cutting edge tech to get ahead. Meanwhile, Lightning McQueen like Rocky Balboa goes back to basics to stay on top.

Cars franchise creator John Lasseter and other members of the production team spoke about the new film during the 2017 North American International Auto Show. In contrast to McQueen’s smooth design, Pixar's animators made Storm angular and gave him a smaller greenhouse for a more modern look. According to an earlier teaser, Storm has a carbon fiber body and a V8 that produces 850 horsepower (634 kilowatts).

After the fairly lighthearted, globe-hopping story in Cars 2, it looks like the third installment in the franchise is much more serious. Pixar’s earlier teaser even garnered some controversy because McQueen’s slow-motion crash was upsetting younger viewers.

Source: Disney Pixar

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