Competition has never been fiercer in the supermini segment, so Volkswagen needs to step up its game and come up with a better Polo to take on the new Ford Fiesta. Expected to debut before the year’s end, the sixth-gen model will come to replace an aging car that has been around since way back in 2009. Knowing VW and how it designs its cars, it will likely play it safe once again and give the Polo an evolutionary appearance on the outside combined with a more high-tech approach for the cabin.

The attached speculative render tries to see into the future of the supermini, which spy shots have shown will grow in size to enable a more spacious interior. It’s highly unlikely that you will be blown away by the styling of the new Polo, but even so previous generations of the B-segment model have shown that even a conservative design can bring in the sales as long as everything else lives up to the customer’s expectations. Skodas are selling like hot cakes nowadays and they’re not the most exciting cars to look at, are they?

Check out spy shots of the next Polo:

Getting back to the Polo VI, it will be the second car after the new SEAT Ibiza to ride on the Volkswagen’s Group shortest version of the flexible MQB platform. It should enable a healthy weight loss despite the supermini’s increased footprint. The hotter GTI model will probably arrive early in the life cycle taking into account it has already been spotted by the spy camera undergoing testing. Ford has done the same thing with the new three-cylinder Fiesta ST, so it makes sense that VW wants to have the spicy version in its showrooms probably only a few months after the regular model’s launch.

While the Blue Oval has a pseudo crossover version of the supermini called “Fiesta Active,” VW will actually have full-blown Polo crossover, much like the aforementioned SEAT Ibiza will spawn an Arona subcompact crossover before the year’s end. The yet unnamed high-riding Polo has already been photographed while testing, and we have tried to imagine what was hiding beneath the prototype’s disguise:

VW Polo-based SUV spy photo
Volkswagen Polo SUV Rendering

The new flagship Arteon will undoubtedly be VW’s star at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show, so expect the next Polo to debut most likely in the second half of the year. The folks from Wolfsburg could decide to unveil their new supermini in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Render: Automedia

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