Folks, selling cars isn’t easy. That’s especially true when your customer sounds like a British Howie Mandel doing his high-pitched Bobby’s World character from eons ago. Everyone has horror stories of dealing with ultra-shady sales reps, but anyone who has sold cars for a living will have plenty of not-so-nice customer stories as well.

We’re not suggesting the person behind this viral video is a bad seed. He goes by the appropriate name of Tiny Tim, and as you might suspect, Tiny Tim likes to troll people. Checking out his Facebook page, the man-who-would-be-boy has pranked the local school, McDonalds, Toys-R-Us, and of course there’s the seven-minute call (edited to three minutes on UNILAD, see below) with the local Lamborghini dealer. Considering many prank videos these days can get downright mean, a short conversation with a sales representative on a quarter-million dollar supercar isn’t so bad.

That would be reinforced by the 17 million views this video has garnered on UNILAD in two days. Add another 5.5 million from Tiny Tim's own Facebook page and 138,000 views from his YouTube channel, and you have the definition of viral video. Apparently, cute kids (or at least cute kid voices) and supercars go well together.




What really stands out for us in this video, however, is the way Mr. Lamborghini handles the obvious no-sale phone call. At no point during the call does Tiny Tim’s target ever lose patience. There is, perhaps, a bit of exasperation when the conversation turns to Tim trying to "find his dad." But you get the distinct impression that our valiant sales rep was doing his best to humor the kid. Where many sales guys would get angry or just hang up, this professional took the high ground and even made car racing noises with the caller. Well done, Mr. Lamborghini.

We don’t condone messing with auto sales representatives, even the truly bad ones. They are, after all, trying to make a living. That said, taking a few minutes to laugh certainly isn’t the worst thing that can happen in the world of auto sales.

 Source: UNILAD


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