Like Audi, Honda, and Hyundai at this year’s Super Bowl, Cadillac is opting for a positive, somewhat political message to market its brand during this year’s Academy Awards. Together, the ads Carry (above), Pioneers, and Pedestal (both below) consider the automaker’s past glory and look forward to its future.

In the modern social climate, Carry is the commercial that’s most likely to garner attention. It opens with images of recent protest marches in the United States and a narrator saying, “We are a nation divided.” The spot eventually transitions to images of Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali, and President Dwight Eisenhower with classic Cadillacs. The ending then uses the automaker’s "Dare Greatly" advertising slogan to motivate people.

Pioneers picks up on some of the threads in Carry by referencing Cadillac’s legacy, but this ad puts a larger emphasis on the future. The commercial highlights some of the company’s current products like the Escalade and CTS-V in an effort to show that Caddy is a more modern automaker today. Showing off technology like autonomous driving and plug-in hybrids furthers this message of innovation.

In Pedestal, Cadillac vaguely refers to its past and puts much larger focus on what’s ahead for the brand. The Escala concept sits above a crowd on a rotating platform, and a woman gets inside. While showing off the chiseled styling, a voiceover says, “This is our future, and it will inspire every car that follows.” Even a dog perks up its ears when the woman drives the glamorous looking sedan onto the street.

According to Adweek, Cadillac plans to premiere four commercials during the Academy Awards, but the company is only streaming three of them online as of this writing. Based on the others, it seems safe to expect the unreleased spot to highlight the brand’s illustrious past and be optimistic about the future. Other than in Pioneers, Caddy’s current vehicles don’t get much screen time in these commercials, so maybe the fourth ad has a bigger focus on the present.

Cadillac's imminent future looks to include a compact crossover, likely called the XT3. Company CEO Johan de Nysschen also says a flagship product on the way. Oddly, this vehicle reportedly isn’t the Escala sedan like the Oscars ad suggests. An ultra-luxury crossover is the more likely addition to the lineup.



Source: Adweek

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