A low resolution image has surfaced that shows BMW’s upcoming 5-series based PAS completely unmasked and now we’re left wondering if it’s real or fake.

A low resolution image has surfaced on our sister site CarSpyShots.net that shows a concept version of BMW's upcoming 5-Series based PAS completely unmasked, but now we're left wondering if it's real or fake. While the image quality is too low for us to bet the farm either way, it does offer an interesting glimpse at what to expect when the model debuts.

The picture shows a hatchback that features BMW's newest design language and has a strong resemblance to the BMW X6. Perhaps the greatest factor that gives the image some credibility is the fact that BMW is scheduled to preview the new Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) to European journalists on February 11, meaning an official release of pictures could come as soon as tomorrow. Regardless of the authenticity of the image, BMW is expected to unveil the PAS concept at next month's Geneva Motor Show.

Power options for the production PAS will mirror that of those offered on the upcoming 2010 BMW 5-Series, meaning we can expect a variety of petrol and diesel engines to be offered.

In a teaser video that was released last month BMW hinted that the PAS would have several interesting design features such as a ride height higher than a car but lower than an SUV, adjustable rear seats, and a rear hatch setup that sounds similar to the Twindoor system used on the Skoda Superb.

[UPDATE] The image was found to be a rendering from the cover of Auto Zeitung magazine. Thanks to member skylab for the tip.


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