Don't worry, this video confuses us, too. But the clip becomes oddly mesmerizing when the superheroes start destroying Ford Mustangs and Hummer H2s.

The history of animated cartoons on television is littered with examples of, well, adults being pretty weird. Gen Xers and older will no doubt be familiar with the hippie-dream, weed-fueled stories of Puff the Magic Dragon, Scooby-Doo (the original, not the cynical live-action movies), and the weirdly conceived animated versions of The Lord of the Rings books.

Millennials may have similar TV programming to point to – I’m too old and childless to have watched much Magic School Bus or Dora the Explorer, but they seem nauseatingly puritanical at face value – but the best of the genre for this generation can clearly be found on YouTube more easily than cable.

Witness, if you’re bold enough, the newest chapter. With the artless yet tantalizing title “Learn Numbers - Banana Car in Spiderman Cartoon Videos with Color Cars for Kids and Nursery Rhymes” you might think the video above is pure pap for the preschool set. As it turns out the Spidey-starring short is basically a hardcore acid trip set to music; accompaniment provided by a children’s choir so creepy, I’ll be hearing it in my nightmares in the retirement village. (Seriously, don’t watch this thing with the lights off.)

Perhaps the strangest part – stranger still than the four-man banana shaped “cars” in retina scalding hues – is that this thing has over 22 million views in three days. That’s more than the population of Florida watching once, or, and probably more likely, about a million kids hitting the play button over and over until their parents freak out and throw the iPad in the backyard.

Have a watch, if you’re bold enough. And if this is the sort of thing that you like to mellow out to (or you just have kids), please note that this is a series of videos, not a one off. (We’re saving “Learn Numbers - Police Cars for Kids in Spiderman Cartoon and Colors for Kids – More Nursery Rhymes” for the weekend.)

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