A once-off Subaru STI belonging to rally champion Travis Pastrana is to be shown at the Chicago Auto Show this weekend. It features many custom-made parts which can be ordered by ordinary mortals from authorised Scooby dealers.

Travis Pastrana should really consider taking up residence on the WCF office couch. The man seems to be on these pages quite often lately. Just the other day he was seen flipping a tricycle. Before that he was winning his third consecutive Rally America National Championship with Subaru.

The Japanese company is now giving back to Pastrana through this inspired WRX STI that was designed especially for him. It comes in a colour called brilliant yellow with the number 199 as part of its livery. Gone are the normal tyres in favour of Super Sport A/S 275/35 ZR18 tyres stuck to Work Evolution XD-9 18x9-inch wheels coloured in custom satin black. Brembo provided the brakes whose red calipers are stamped with the STI logo.

A mix of STI parts and unique custom pieces make this car truly singular. For fans of the champ and the STI, some of the parts like the exhaust and interior fittings can be ordered from authorised Subaru dealers.

The car is powered by a stock 2.5-litre turbo unit provided by the standard STI but it kicks out more power than the 305hp (224kW) found in the factory units. The ECU has been tweaked and a custom down pipe installed. The 6-speed manual short-throw shifter is installed.

ICE screams out as the doors open in the form of an Eclipse AVN 6620 navigation/DVD/CD/MP3 stereo system with a powerful amp, speakers, sub woofer and an Xbox console mounted under the front passenger seat.

Pastrana will appear next to his car at the Chicago Auto Show from February 14 where he will be signing autographs.


Rally Champ Travis Pastrana Gets Custom Subaru Impreza WRX STI