Lower spring rates and a specially tuned Drag Mode really let this hellacious machine put its power down.

For the halfway point in its 14-part video teaser campaign, Dodge is dropping a few more details about how the Challenger SRT Demon puts its ample power down to the road. Specifically, the company claims the new machine “is the first-ever factory production car with mechanical/electronic drag-race-specific suspension tuning.”

While engines and transmissions often receive much of the attention for drag racing, it’s vital that the suspension setup allows a perfect weight transfer for transmitting the muscle to the road as effectively as possible. Dodge takes a high-tech approach that allegedly mitigates some of the traditional handling comprises of strip-focused setup. The Demon features springs with a 35 percent lower rate in front and 28 percent lower rate  in the rear, and specially tuned Bilstein Adaptive Damping Shocks are also part of the package. When a driver puts the Challenger Demon into Drag Mode, the system turns off the traction control but maintains the stability control.

With the Viper’s retirement, Dodge is positioning the Challenger Demon as the brand’s new performance halo. In addition to its special suspension, we know that the mean machine has an upgraded torque converter with a higher stall speed and 3.09 gearing for the rear axle that should boost acceleration over the SRT Hellcat.

The Challenger Demon also can put the power down better thanks to a set of 315/40 R18 Nitto NT05R street-legal drag radials with a custom compound. The result is a 15 percent larger contact patch than the SRT Hellcat, and the lighter 18-inch wheels should help transmitting the grunt, too, by being easier for the engine to spin. Flared fenders contribute to a more muscular look, too.

The Challenger Demon packs a supercharged V8 like the Hellcat, but we don’t know much more about the engine at this point. The addition of a massive hood scoop that measures over 45 square inches (290.3 square centimeters) suggests extra tuning that requires a lot more cool air to feed the mill.

The sheet doesn’t officially come off the Challenger Demon until the New York Auto Show in April. Expect new details to emerge about the muscle machine every week until then in the latest teaser video.

Source: Dodge

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