Different than the early LaFerrari concepts, it may very well be an upcoming one-off.

Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, so what better way to mark the joyous occasion if not with a very special project? Patent images published earlier in the week by the European Union Intellectual Property Office might have revealed the identity of what many people — including us —believe will be a one-off model based on the LaFerrari coupe.

Possible LaFerrari one-off render
Possible LaFerrari one-off render
Possible LaFerrari one-off render
Possible LaFerrari one-off render
Possible LaFerrari one-off render

It’s a known fact those images belong to Ferrari and the car depicted in the patent was designed by Flavio Manzoni. Motor1 readers have brought to our attention the very same vehicle is currently on display at the concept car section at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. It’s actually not the first time when the vehicle is showcased in the United Arab Emirates, but it’s important to mention it has been revised since previous exhibitions, particularly the headlight design.


Speaking of which, even the patent images attached below are showing two different types of headlights: the rendered car has a thin strip of LEDs while the one depicted in the sketches has a wider setup in the same vein as the regular production cars.

Another version of the concept, the one currently being displayed at Ferrari World, doesn't even have headlights:


The fact that Ferrari has been making adjustments to the concept might be a sign it’s a production-intent car, otherwise why would they change it and put it on display afterwards? After all, Flavio Manzoni did admit some years ago following the LaFerrari’s introduction at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show one of the proposed designs is being kept a secret, presumably for a one-off project.

Work on the LaFerrari’s design commenced towards the end of 2010 when Flavio Manzoni tasked the company’s design team and that of Pininfarina to come up with proposals. They ultimately narrowed it down to nine designs that were later on converted into quarter-scale models. The secret design was not amongst the ones to be revealed. Two of the proposals — called Tensostruttura and Manta — did see the light of day, but with a different design compared to the mysterious concept:


Seeing as how Ferrari’s Special Projects division has been making a great deal of custom models like the SP275 RW Competizione and the J50 in recent times, perhaps they have another special project in tow. If so, the LaFerrari-based one-off has probably been sold already for an unimaginable amount of money.

As a final note, Ferrari has already kicked off the celebrations by revealing no less than 70 special liveries for each year of Maranello goodness.

Renders: Peisert Design, CARWP

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