Lumma Design is showing this brawny Bentley perfect for those who drink beer with caviar.

Lumma Design loves making big things look downright mean, and the Bentley Bentayga is now in their wheelhouse. The company recently unveiled its CLR B900 Wide-Body kit to inject a bit more sport into Bentley's sport-utility vehicle. The kit fits both the W12 and diesel V8 Bentayga, and will debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show. Deliveries of the kit are scheduled to begin later this year.

According to Lumma, the bolt-ons are based on the CLR X6R Wide-Body kit offered for the BMW X6M. It features an aggressive front-end makeover that includes a vented carbon-fiber hood and a restyled bumper with mesh inserts to spare. The retooled bumper blends with flared fender arches and angular side skirts that stretch to the rear, ultimately connecting with a wide rear bumper that houses carbon-fiber exhaust tips and an integrated rear diffuser. Spoilers on the rear lip and roof are also part of the package, or they can be purchased separately for those who only want a bit of spice with their Bentley.




With the Bentayga’s haunches properly stretched, Lumma installs steam-roller spec rubber on 24-inch wheels. The staggered shoes measure 295/30-24 in front with 355/25-24 tires on the back. It’s doubtful Bentley customers go off-road anyway, but the rubber-band sidewalls pretty much guarantee a Lumma-tweaked Bentayga stays on the pavement. The company does offer a less aggressive wheel/tire combination.




For those who aren’t satisfied with a typical Bentley interior, Lumma offers a tailoring service to customize the already-exquisite surroundings even further. Specifically, the company mentions adding family crests or name plaques, along with prolific use of Alcantra, wood, leather, aluminum and carbon-fiber. Lumma is also working on performance upgrades for the diesel version and a new exhaust system for the W12.

Pricing hasn’t been announced for the CLR B900 Wide-Body kit, but we’ll go out on a limb and say it will be expensive. Considering a new Bentayga costs roughly $300,000, spending a few extra greenbacks to have a macho Bentley with your family crest stitched into the dash probably isn’t a big deal.

Source: Lumma

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