The film will chronicle the McLaren legacy through archive footage, interviews, and dramatized events.

At age 22, Bruce McLaren won the 1959 United States Grand Prix. He then won the 1960 Argentine Grand Prix, besting the second-place Ferrari by nearly 30 seconds. It was the first event of the 1960 Formula One season, and though he would never claim a Formula One title, a few years later he started Bruce McLaren Motor Racing LTD.

If by some chance you don’t know how the McLaren story goes from there, the forthcoming documentary on Bruce McLaren should certainly fill in the gaps. Simply titled McLaren, the film will go behind-the-scenes on his life and the racing dynasty that he built. Spoiler alert – that dynasty includes one of the most successful Formula One racing teams in the known universe, one of the most iconic supercars ever built, and an auto manufacturer of intense driving machines that bear his name. If the recently released trailer for the film is any indication, it should be quite good.

The documentary is directed by Roger Donaldson, who has an impressive Hollywood portfolio of films that range from action flicks like Dante’s Peak and The November Man, to historical works like Thirteen Days and The World’s Fastest Indian, the latter of which chronicles Burt Munro and the Indian motorcycle he rode to a world speed record at Bonneville in 1967. In other words, Donaldson is no stranger to people and their passion for speed.

McLaren will feature interviews with family members and plenty of motorsports legends, including Emerson Fittipaldi, Chris Amon, Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti, and Sir Jackie Stewart among others. In addition to archive footage, the film will also include dramatized bits to help McLaren’s story come to life just a bit more.

A specific release date is still pending, though it should debut sometime this year. If McLaren is anything like the 2010 documentary Senna, this will be another must-see movie for motorsports fans and auto enthusiasts around the world.

Source: The Hollywood News


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