A proposed autonomous driving mode and a foldable roof come standard.

The Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet marks the end of an era for the beloved G-Wagen, but it’s just the start for the Mercedes-Maybach brand as a whole. Rendering artist Jan Peisert of Peisert Design is proposing the newest vehicle in the Maybach lineup following the G650 – a long and extravagant sedan.

He calls it the Mercedes-Maybach 850 Landaulet, and it blends cues from the stunning Maybach 6 concept that was introduced in April with the current Mercedes-Maybach S600 sedan. The two together combine to create a concept with long front and rear overhangs, and an elegant shape well worthy of the Maybach designation.

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2020 Mercedes-Maybach 850 Landaulet Rendering

The 850 Landaluet features a stylish front grille reminiscent of the Maybach 6 concept. Vertical chrome inserts are accented by an illuminated Maybach logo that signifies if the car is in autonomous "Chauffeur" mode, or normal driving mode. Rear view cameras replace the standard mirrors for better aerodynamics, and a sleek set of LED headlights give it a more aggressive look.

The 850 rides on an extended wheelbase over the current S600, providing more room on the interior, while a V12 engine in the front, and two electric motors in the back combine for a proposed output of 850 horsepower (633 kilowatts), thus the designation. Similar to the Maybach 6 concept, the 850 Landaulet would have an estimated range of around 200 miles (321 kilometers).

All-wheel drive with rear steering would also be available, and 24-inch wheels would come standard. The most unique feature, though, is the retractable roof. Three glass panels fold down into the trunk, giving rear passengers access to the open air. Peisert believes that, if produced, the luxurious concept would arrive in 2020. 

Source: Peisert Design

Gallery: 2020 Mercedes-Maybach 850 Landaulet Rendering

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