Special edition models, charity donations, and other events are part of Subaru's lead-up to the official anniversary in 2018.

Subaru of America is taking its 50th birthday pretty seriously. Officially, the company’s golden anniversary is still a year away, but the automaker recently announced that 2017 would be its “year of 50th celebrations,” culminating with the actual anniversary on February 15, 2018.

Details are still a bit thin on what all Subaru has in store, and by that we mean completely unknown. In a press release the manufacturer mentioned a series of special edition models that will debut in 2018. Also on the agenda are “a number of celebratory events,” and the company will also be donating 50 cars to benefit a national charity that will be announced – presumably with everything else on the 50th anniversary docket – at a later date.

One thing that is known; Subaru’s parent company Fuji Heavy Industries will be changing its name to Subaru Corporation in April. The decision to change the name was made last year. Whether or not the occasion becomes one of Subaru of America’s celebratory events is unclear.

Fuji Heavy Industries actually has roots back to 1915 in the aircraft industry. The automotive division that would be named Subaru was founded in 1953, with Subaru of America kicking off in 1968 at the hands of Harvey Lamm and Malcolm Bricklin. Yes, that’s the same Bricklin who would later build the gullwing Bricklin SV-1, import Fiats under the brand name Bertone, import Yugos, and eventually fail at importing Chinese cars.

Bricklin and Lamm established Subaru of America as its own entity so they could import and distribute Subaru vehicles. Fuji Heavy Industries officially acquired Subaru of America in 1990, shortly after opening the first Subaru manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana. The facility produced the new-for-1990 Subaru Legacy and Isuzu Rodeo.

If Subaru of America sales continue to be strong, there will be even more cause for celebration. 2016 was the manufacturer's eighth consecutive year of record sales, and January 2017 marked 62 consecutive months of yearly month-over-month growth.


Source: Subaru


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