Here's a rendering of a BMW M7 done by someone who obviously craves to see a real M7 being made. Could more of these efforts by fans eventually persuade Beemer to build one? We hope so.

BMW has time and time again denied even considering a 7 Series-based M7 luxury high-performance sedan. That doesn't stop the rumour mill from spinning at high speed though. For sure a twelve-cylinder 760i is under production as proven by spy pictures.

But this rendering of a possible BMW M7 may be seen as a nudge to the powers that be by fans that as nice as a 760i might be, it does not replace the craving they experience for something more. The front bumper is certainly M as it resembles other M bumpers from cars like the M5. The side mirrors were strangely left untouched but the wheels got seven double-spoke rims that almost pass as genuine M kit. This artist impression is more like the touch of a feather than a passionate stroke from a Picasso brush.

Sticking with the rumour theme, a BMW M7 would probably use the same 6.0-litre V12 from a 760i and produce in excess of 600hp (441kW) through the use of turbo technology. It would compete with cars like the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG/ S600 and the Audi S8.


Gallery: BMW M7 Rendered