An electric city car for the year 2030.

The facelifted Yaris lineup headlined by the 210-hp hot hatch version will undoubtedly be Toyota's star at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show where the company will also have this on display. Dubbed “i-TRIL,” the concept takes the shape of an electrified city car capable of seating up to three people. It was developed by the company’s European division with help from the design center based in Nice, France.


Much like the i-Road concept introduced almost four years ago in Geneva, the i-TRIL benefits from what Toyota calls “Active Lean” technology capable of automatically controlling the vehicle’s body angle in order to ensure a stable ride. The tech granted the i-Road with a minimum turning cycle of only three meters thanks to the implementation of rear-wheel steering and a lean actuator motor installed on top of the front suspension.

Based on the information gathered from the steering angle, gyro sensor, and the car’s speed, the i-Road’s computers were clever enough to calculate the necessary angle of lean at all times. The nifty tech was able to work not only when the vehicle was taking corners, but also when the concept was driven straight ahead by maintaining the same body level whenever going over stepped surfaces.

2013 Toyota i-Road concept
2013 Toyota i-Road concept

While the i-Road concept pictured above had a 1+1 seating arrangement, the follow-up vehicle is likely a bit larger taking into account it adopts a 1+2 cabin layout. An image of the interior has not been released, but it probably uses just about the same configuration as a McLaren F1.

The new Toyota i-TRIL concept will debut on March 7th at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show to demonstrate the brand’s vision of a city car for the year 2030. At the same event, the full lineup of Gazoo Racing-branded race cars will also be exhibited.

Source: Toyota

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