Another mint Ferrari F50 is going to be auctioned, this time going under the hammer on March 11 and offered by RM Auctions. The seller says it has covered only 5,694 miles and has been very well maintained during its life.

But there’s more to this Ferrari than meets the eye. Aside from its perfect condition, it has an interesting history, as it has been owned by famed heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson. The 73rd of the 349 F50s produced is one of only 50 U.S.-spec examples manufactured and was originally bought by Tyson at the full sticker price and remained with him for several years. After 4,900 miles, he sold it through a Seattle broker to local computer magnate, Kevin Markus.

1995 Ferrari F50 owned by Mike Tyson
1995 Ferrari F50 owned by Mike Tyson
1995 Ferrari F50 owned by Mike Tyson

Then, in 2005, Markus sold it to an enthusiast in Georgia, who took great care of it and ordered full electronic updates, replaced the rear seal, and rebuilt the oil and water pumps. Also, new tires were put, while the lighting system was upgraded. Five years later, the vehicle was sold once again to a Ferrari dealership owner, who bought it with 5,320 miles on the odometer and replaced the fuel bladders, performed a full engine-out service, and replaced the main seals and all fluids.

1995 Ferrari F50 owned by Mike Tyson
1995 Ferrari F50 owned by Mike Tyson
1995 Ferrari F50 owned by Mike Tyson

RM Auctions claims “the car has never been driven hard” and comes with a partial service history. All owner’s manuals, as well as two sets of tools in the front deck, wheel socket, car cover in bag, and both the removable hardtop and emergency soft top with bag are also included. Thanks to all those original accessories, this F50 has received a Ferrari Classiche certification by the Italian manufacturer.

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Source: RM Auctions

Gallery: 1995 Ferrari F50 owned by Mike Tyson

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520 bhp, 4,698 cc V-12 engine with Bosch Motronic 2.7 engine management, six-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension with coil springs and unequal-length wishbones, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Wheelbase: 101.6 in.

  • Originally delivered to famed heavyweight Champion boxer Mike Tyson
  • Only 5,694 actual, well-maintained miles
  • Immaculate condition; original hardtop, “circus box,” tool kits, and manuals
  • Ferrari Classiche certified

Every tifosi has dreamt of piloting a Formula 1 car on the open road. No traffic. No stop lights. No speed cameras. Just the sound of the car’s exhaust note reverberating off buildings—let alone the feeling of sheer of speed—would be enough to tug at the heartstrings of car enthusiasts anywhere. In essence, the Ferrari F50 was just that: an F1 car at heart, but it had been designed and engineered to be driven on the road.

At its heart was a 4.7-liter naturally aspirated V-12 engine with five valves per cylinder and twin overhead camshafts per bank, derived directly from the engine used in the 1990 Formula 1 season. As fitted to the F50, it was capable of producing 520 horsepower at 8,000 rpm but was capable of reaching an eardrum-shattering 10,000 rpm. The six-speed longitudinal gearbox, complete with a limited-slip differential, was fitted behind the engine, between which the oil tank was mounted for the dry-sump engine lubrication system. To help rein in the power, massive drilled and ventilated disc brakes were fitted with Brembo-supplied four-piston brake calipers.

This fanatical attention to detail in adding performance and reducing weight paid massive dividends in terms of performance. Capable of rocketing to 60 mph from a standstill in just 3.6 seconds, the F50 could accelerate onwards toward a top speed of 202 mph if the driver was brave enough to keep accelerating. Even more incredible was the car’s time for a standing mile – just 30.3 seconds.

The example offered here was the 73rd of the 349 F50s produced, one of only 50 U.S.-spec examples made. Delivered to Nader Amirvand of Auto Market in Fountain Valley, it was subsequently sold with a new 456 in a package deal, reportedly at full sticker price, to the legendary heavyweight Champion boxer Mike Tyson. The car remained with Mr. Tyson, its original owner, for several years, before being resold through a Seattle broker to local computer magnate, Kevin Markus, with 4,900 miles.

Having remained virtually unused in Mr. Markus’ ownership, the car was sold in 2005 through Ferrari broker Michael Sheehan to an enthusiast in Georgia, who commissioned an engine-out service and full electronic updates by Rod Drew of the well-known F.A.I. in Costa Mesa, California. As part of this work the rear seal was replaced; oil and water pumps rebuilt; the dashboard pod removed, serviced, and reinstalled; the lighting system upgraded; the ride height actuator replaced; and new tires installed.

In 2010 at 5,320 miles, the then-owner, a Ferrari dealership owner and renowned collector of both vintage and modern Ferraris, had his dealership replace the fuel bladders, perform a full engine-out service, and replace the main seals and all fluids, etc., at a cost of $36,000. An oil service and annual maintenance followed in May 2011 at 5,326 miles, and a full brake system service followed, five years later, at 5,694 miles.

The car has never been driven hard and, accordingly, remains in beautiful condition with 5,694 miles recorded at the time of cataloguing. It is accompanied by a partial service history, as well as the two sets of tools in the front deck, owner’s manuals and warranty booklet in their leather folio, wheel socket, car cover in bag, both the removable hardtop and emergency soft top with bag (in fine condition), utility light, its window sticker, and the “circus trunk” containing roll bars and a carbon rear tonneau cover.

In its current ownership, the car has received full Classiche certification by the Ferrari factory, with the Red Book accompanying the car to sale. Subsequent to its Classiche certification, the owner elected to have the desirable aftermarket Tubi exhaust installed, for better performance and an even sweeter exhaust note.

An extremely high-quality, Classiche-certified and well-accessorized F50 with a very interesting history indeed, this is a hypercar that packs a considerable punch.

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