The Chevrolet-badged costars of the upcoming Transformers movie are scheduled to make their first official appearance at the Chicago Auto Show.

General Motors is planning to bring a bit of Hollywood to the Chicago Auto Show next week, as some of the mechanical stars of the much-anticipated Transformers sequel will be gracing the show floor. Like the first movie, the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is heavily populated with GM products, and a number of new characters arrive to broaden both the cast and the General's product placement scores. Both production and concept vehicles are represented in the cast.

The upgraded "Bumblebee" Camaro will be on hand in Chicago, with some modifications from the first movie. The orange Camaro, which was a concept when the first film was made and is in production now, has been tweaked with new wheels and a different front bumper, hood and chin spoiler. These changes most likely represent the transition from show car to production car. Several other Chevrolet-badged Autobots wearing the sheetmetal of the new Chevy Volt ("Jolt"), Spark ("Skids"), Trax concept ("Mudflat") and Corvette Centennial Concept ("Sideswipe") are also in the movie.

The Corvette Centennial Concept has been clearly seen in spy photos from the movie set, but the concept car has yet to be officially unveiled. Bumblebee and some of the other Transformers cars will be shown at GM's press conference on Wednesday, February 11. Chances are the they will stick around for the public days of the show, from February 13 to 22, as well.

Autobots Headed for Chicago